Wine & Drinks Menu


Our choice of wines has been somewhat of a personal journey,

selecting labels linked to great memories, summer lunches and opulent dinner experiences in and around the Western Cape.

We’ve made preference to wineries that approach their style with bold and unique practices.

Breeze has a total of 49 bottles, to choose from 34 different wineries across the Western Cape wine region.


Under 18’s are not allowed to be served at the bar

No alcohol may be served before 11am

Right of admission reserved

Corkage is charge at R20



White wines
Red Wines
Chardonnay Glass Bottle Shiraz Glass Bottle
Kleine Zalze R36 R147 Landskroon R28 R112
Groote Post Unwooded   R190 Neil Ellis Groenekloof     R230
Glen Carlou   R220      
       Cabernet Sauvignon    
Sauvignon Blanc     Kleine Zalze  R37 R148 
Kleine Zalze R38 R152 Warwick First Lady   R210
Groote Post   R185      
Neil Ellis Groenekloof   R200 Pinotage    
Chenin Blanc     Kleine Zalze R37 R148
Kleine Zalze R33 R133 LÁvenir   R200
Ormonde Chip off the Old Block   R200      
White Blends     Kleine Zalze R37 R148
Groote Post Old Mans White   R158 Ormonde Chip off the Old Block   R200
Reyneke Organic   R164      
      Red Blends    
Semi-sweet     Groote Post Old Mans Red   R167
Altydgedacht Muskarade R33 R132 Reyneke Organic   R164
      Cloof Duckitt   R150
Sparkling Wine     Flagstone Dragontree   R210
Pieter Cruythoff Brut   R125      
Krone Rose MCC   R300 Cellar Treats    
Bon Courage Blanc de Blanc   R360 Reyneke Reserve White   R425  
French Champagne     Reyneke Reserve Red   R650
Veuve Clicquot   R995      
Kleine Zalze R33 R133      
Delaire Graff   R210      
Liqueurs & Digestives
Whisky & Brandy
Amarula   R14 J & B   R17
Cointreau   R34 Jameson   R28
Frangelico   R22 Jack Daniels   R26
Jagermeister   R24 Johnny Walker Black   R34
Kahlua   R18 Glenmorangie 10 yrs   R52
Sherry Dry / Medium / Full Cream   R15 Remy Martin VSOP Cognac    R62
Ramazotti White Sambuca   R20 KWV 10 Year    R22
Sambuca   R14 Olof Bergh   R12
Disaronno Amaretto   R25 Richelieu   R13
Underberg Bitters   R47      
Drambuie   R33 Beers    
      Castle    R24
      Castle Lite    R25
      Amstel    R25
Non Alcoholic Drinks
    Heineken    R29
Mineral Waters still/sparkling     Black Label   R24
Mineral Water 250ml     R15 Windhoek Lite   R26
Mineral Water 750ml   R25 Windhoek Draught   R29
Soda’s     Craft Beers    
Coke, Fanta, Sprite 300ml   R18 Darling Slow Brew Lager   R35
Coke Zero, Sprite Zero, Sparberry, Cream Soda 330ml   R20 Darling Bone Crusher   R35
Dry Lemon, Ginger Ale, Soda water     CBC Pilsner   R44
Tonic Water, Lemonade   R18 CBC Krystal Weiss    R48
Tomato Juice   R26 CBC Amber Weiss    R48
Ceres Sparkling White/Red Grape Juice   R25 Vedett White   R47
Red Bull   R41      
BOS Ice Teas     Hunters Dry   R28
Apple, Peach, Lemon   R28 Mokai   R20
Lime, Ginger   R30 Savanna Dry   R31
Fruit Juices     Aperatifs    
Apple, Berry, Fruit Cocktail & Orange   R18 Campari   R25
       Cinzano Dry   R10
Milk Shakes     Pimms   R12
Iced Coffee   R35 Pernod   R17
Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry          
Small   R25 White Spirits / Gin    
Large   R35  Gordon’s Gin   R12 
      Smirnoff Vodka   R12
Nespresso Coffees     Stolichnaya Vodka   R20
Single Espresso   R18 Captain Morgan   R16
Double Espresso   R26 Spiced Gold   R14
Americano   R26 Havanna Rum   R16
Café Latte   R25 Red Heart   R16
Cappuccino   R25 Malibu   R14
Hot Chocolate   R25 Southern Comfort   R15
Ceylon, Rooibos   R15      
Chamomile, Red Fruits, Earl Grey   R18